In that case, you’re a fucking moron.

Although I do agree with Ron Paul’s views on the various wars/”wars,” the agreement pretty much ends there.  Paul is firmly pro-life and anti-gay.  He doesn’t want the Supreme Court to be able to hear cases that deal with the Establishment Clause or the right to privacy (allowing sodomy laws to be put back in place), and has repeatedly re-introduced the bill.  He can’t get enough from his Super PAC sugar daddy, a certain nosy billionaire, Peter Thiel, who founded a defense contractor that was spying on U.S. citizens.  He used his blatantly racist and homophobic newsletters, which he WAS aware of (and even defended), to get rid of his debt and become rich.  He was also the only “no” vote to a bill that would divest U.S. federal government investments from corporations that did business with the genocidal government of Sudan - why?  Oh, Paul believes global warming is a hoax, too.

So, yeah, I don’t support him.

Yes, Ron Paul is pro-life, but what does it matter? Either way he wants the STATES to decide. His opinion on that means nothing when it comes to his policy! Also, he supports birth control, considering he’s prescribed it. I read the entire page from the first link, and found NO RELEVANCE to its title. Anti-sodomy isn’t even mentioned!  The parts that could be considered racist also were only following whats was at the time general statistics about blacks, whites etc and your link even says “Rockwell wrote the more provocative parts with racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic overtones.” NOT RON PAUL. Peter Theil, How could you possibly relate the actions of someone who endorses him, with his campaign? If I committed a crime, would you not vote for Ron Paul just because I supported him? That’s precisely what that argument entails. The link about his “plan to become rich” is completely biased and opinion-based to say that the primary reason for those newsletters was to make money. The person Dondero Rittberg, who claims this “money making plan” also disagreed with his views on the Iraq war as stated from your link. So your siding with a warmongering idiot? I do not fully understand the negative aspect of H.R 180 and him voting no, but I’m sure there was a viable reason for it. And is that really an argument? I major in Environmental Science, and it is known fact that climate change is inevitable, no matter how much human involvement. So he is right, it is a hoax, in the way that many people are making money off of this “idea”. Geologists have studied layers of the crust that shows temperatures rise and lower over time, even before humans even existed.

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    Yes, Ron Paul is pro-life, but what does it matter? Either way he wants the STATES to decide. His opinion on that means...